needle coke graphite electrodes

Pubdate: 08-06 2021

needle coke graphite electrodes

What kind of method is more suitable for needle coke graphite electrodes?

We all know that graphite has high-quality characteristics that other metal materials cannot replace. Needle coke graphite electrodes often have many confusing characteristics in the actual selection of materials. There are also many reasons for choosing needle coke graphite electrodes. The following editor and Let’s take a look at the selection of materials for the graphite electrodes needle coke graphite electrodes. …

In the specialty graphite industry, the universal hardness test standard is the Shore hardness measurement method, and its testing principle is different from that of metals. Although in our subconscious understanding of graphite, we generally think of it as a relatively soft material. However, the actual test data and application conditions show that the hardness of graphite is higher than that of metal materials. Due to the layered structure of graphite, it has excellent cutting performance during the cutting process. The cutting force is only about 1/3 of that of copper materials, and the surface after machining is easy to handle. To

However, due to its higher hardness, the wear of the tool during cutting will be slightly greater than that of the metal cutting tool. At the same time, materials with high hardness have better control of discharge loss. Therefore, the Shore hardness of needle coke graphite electrodes is also one of the selection criteria for needle coke graphite electrodes. To

The flexural strength of needle coke graphite electrodes is a direct manifestation of the strength of the material, showing the tightness of the internal structure of the material. High-strength materials have relatively good discharge resistance performance. For needle coke graphite electrodes with high accuracy requirements, try to choose materials with better strength. The company focuses on the graphitization of needle coke graphite electrodes with various specifications and models of various powers, and plans to gradually complete the pressing and processing processes to form a carbon company with complete processes.

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