New reinforcement electrode paste escort barrel

Pubdate: 07-20 2022

The new steel bar electrode paste escort barrel is a steel bar electrode paste escort barrel smelting method that is reformed and designed on the basis of the iron sheet electrode paste smelting method commonly used in China’s current calcium carbide and ferroalloy production industry. It uses a small amount of steel bars to assemble and weld the electrode main skeleton to replace the expensive iron sheet consumption. Compared with similar equipment, its shape can be reduced by two fifths.

The inner wall of the escort barrel is designed with special materials, which is not bonded with electrode paste, but also a good insulator. The electrode * point is equipped with a temperature monitor to control the temperature changes of each layer with different heights during the baking process. The embedded reinforcement electrode paste, with the cooperation of the pressure cylinder of the top mechanical device, is in accordance with the requirements of the process and technical indicators, and the electrode length and speed consumed per unit time, Conduct accurate pressure relief supply and work in the furnace with a linear speed of 3-5 cm / h.

Due to the forced extrusion of the pressure release cylinder, the compactness and grip force between the reinforcement and the electrode paste are doubled, which is regarded as a reinforced concrete structure. Therefore, the hard breaking and soft breaking of the electrode can be eliminated, and the unit conductivity can be greatly improved. The reinforcement electrode paste gradually consumed in actual production can be continuously welded and added to ensure continuous production.

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