Oven method of submerged arc furnace before electrode paste airtight paste

Pubdate: 12-07 2021

The so-called oven is an operation in which the furnace lining and electrodes are gradually adapted to the feeding smelting by heating, and its main purpose is to dry the furnace lining and baking the electrodes. The quality of the oven will not only affect the service life of the furnace lining, but also directly affect whether the electric furnace can be put into production smoothly. Therefore, the furnace system should be formulated in detail in the furnace opening plan and strictly implemented.

Coke oven

In the first stage of the oven process, there are three methods of wood baking, oil baking and coke baking. This article focuses on the focus on the focus baking. As the name implies, coke baking is a method of oven using the combustion heat of coke. Large metallurgical coke with less ash content should be used to make fuel (particle size> 150 mm). During the baking of the electrode, the coke should be burned close to the electrode. Add it in time. In order to help the coke burn, you can use air blowing to support combustion.

No matter which type of oven is used, the purpose is to bake the electrode, so that the electrode has a certain ability to withstand current, and prepares for the next electric oven. Therefore, the sintered state of the electrode and the height of the electrode paste should be frequently observed to determine whether the conditions of the electric oven are available in time. In the previous process, the coke oven time is longer (10000KVA electric furnace 72-96 hours). In production, according to The actual situation can be appropriately shortened, thereby reducing the waste of coke.

Electric oven

The purpose of the electric oven is the same as that of the coke oven, and its main purpose is still to increase the furnace temperature and roast the electrodes so that the electric furnace has the conditions for positive production. The power of the electric oven is determined by the capacity of the electric oven and the material of the furnace lining. A low-voltage oven should be used for the electric oven to try to ensure the stability of the arc and less moving electrodes to keep the load of the three-phase electrodes uniform. It should be strictly implemented in accordance with the power supply system of the electric oven. The electric oven determines the speed of the electric furnace temperature increase, the electrode sintering speed and the sintering quality, so the power supply system should be scientifically based on the characteristics of the electrode sintering.

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