Precautions for making electrode paste

Pubdate: 01-02 2022

1. The paste mixing is carried out on the horizontal double kneading rail. The purpose of kneading is to fill the gaps between the solid carbon particles and coat the surface of the dispersed particles with a layer of adhesive to bond the particles together. Kneaded into a uniform paste. Put the prepared paste in a kneader and stir for 30 minutes to make the paste evenly mixed. When the temperature of the paste reaches 115-120. When C, it can be kneaded and shaped.

2. The anthracite coal accounts for 50% of the electrode paste. The anthracite coal is broken into a larger particle size, generally less than 20 mm. The purpose of controlling the particle size composition is to make the particles densest, so that an electrode with high strength and good conductivity can be obtained.

3. The heating amount of the binder should not be too small, because it is not easy to be uniform when making the electrode paste and stirring, and the strength of the electrode paste is not enough after sintering. Not too much, too much electrode paste will be too dilute, during the sintering process will cause particle stratification and uneven organization. When making electrode paste, the amount of binder added is 20~24% of the solid material.

4. Adding part of graphite to the electrode paste can increase its plasticity and improve the pressing conditions, so that more dense products can be obtained. Adding a small amount of graphite can increase the electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and thermal stability of the product. Therefore, when the electrode paste is produced, graphitized coke is added to the ingredients, and stone crushed is added to the closed paste.


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