Raw materials for manufacturing electrode paste

Pubdate: 08-13 2022

The raw material of electrode paste is composed of solid carbon material and bonding material. The quality of electrode paste is related to the raw material formula and preparation process. Solid materials include calcined anthracite, metallurgical coke, petroleum coke and graphite electrode debris. Anthracite is dense and has high carbon content, which can improve the thermal stability, electrical conductivity and mechanical strength of the electrode;

The binder of the electrode paste includes asphalt and refining tar. Tar is added to adjust the softening point. During the sintering process of the electrode paste, the binder is decomposed and the volatiles are removed, and then it is transformed into coke to play the role of coking, so that the electrode line becomes a hard whole. The formulation of electrode paste should consider the proportion of various solid materials, particle size composition, softening point and amount of binder.

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