Rongxin group of graphite electrodes types

Pubdate: 12-27 2021

1. Natural graphite electrode. The natural graphite electrode is an electrode produced using natural flake graphite as a raw material. Adding coal pitch to natural graphite, through kneading, shaping, roasting and machining, the natural graphite electrode can be prepared. Its resistivity is relatively high, the mechanical strength is low, and it is easy to break during actual use. A small amount of small size natural graphite electrodes are used in some special occasions.

2. Artificial graphite electrode. Using petroleum coke or pitch coke as solid aggregate and coal tar pitch as binder, the artificial graphite electrode can be prepared through kneading, molding, roasting, graphitization and machining. Artificial graphite electrodes are high-temperature resistant graphite conductive materials. Carbon material companies with graphite electrodes as the main varieties constitute the metallurgical carbon material industry.

3. Graphite electrode with anti-oxidation coating. As the coating increases the price of graphite electrodes and there are some problems in its use, there is currently no widespread use of anti-oxidation coating graphite electrodes in my country.

4. Water-cooled composite graphite electrode. At present, my country has not adopted such water-cooled composite graphite electrodes.

5. Hollow graphite electrode. Hollow graphite electrodes are hollow electrodes. The forming process for producing hollow graphite electrodes is complicated, raw material saving is limited, and the production yield is low, so hollow graphite electrodes have not been widely used.

6. Regenerated graphite electrode. Recycled graphite electrodes are prepared by using recycled artificial graphite scraps and powders as raw materials, adding coal tar pitch, kneading, forming, roasting and machining. Compared with coke-based graphite electrodes, its resistivity is relatively large and performance indicators are poor. At present, only a small number of small-size recycled graphite electrode products are used in the field of refractory production.

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