Round Copper Mould Tube for CCM in Steel Industry

Pubdate: 06-16 2021

Introduction of the (Square, non-standard, round) copper mould tube for CCM

copper mould tube for CCM is an accessory used for cast steel continuous casting machine, which is caused by direct casting of molten steel in the mold copper tube.

Copper mould tubes for CCM is an essential part that used in any construction. It is created with a good quality of raw materials that produce reliable sources. We provide copper mould tube products based on industry norms and high standards. You might order applications according to your industrial needs. We help you to produce these products on your limited budget to access on your field.

Raw Material of (Square, non-standard, round) Copper Mould Tubes for CCM

To provide mould tubes with optimal physical and mechanical properties to customers’ specifications, mould tube products are supplied of the following materials:

  1. Cu-DHP: Normally used for mould tubes section size below 180x180mm and round tubes below Dia.150mm.
  2. Cu-Ag: Normally used for mould tube section size above 180x180mm and round tubes above Dia.150mm
  3. Cu-Cr-Zr: Normally used for beam blank mould tubesSpecifications of (Square, non-standard, round) Copper Mould Tubes for CCM
    We supply all kinds of Copper Mould Tubes of all sizes and dimensions, produced exactly as per the required drawing. The Sizes for Copper Mould Tubes is enlisted as under:
Square & rectangle
copper tube
Also straight
6-50 602-1100
Round copper tubes ∅110-∅1500 5000-17000
Also straight
10-50 602-900
Non-standard copper mould tubes
Beam blank copper mould tubes
535-150×120-70 600-14000 12-50 700-1016

Production Process of (Square, non-standard, round) Copper Mould Tube for CCM

Copper Mould Tube Coating
In order to increase the erosion resistance and service life the casting mould tubes, we always dedicated to research special coatings. The mould tubes can be coated with our different types of internal surface coating: Cr, Ni-Co, Ni-Fe, Ni-Co-Cr. The coating thickness recommended by us has been controlled in the best range.

The Advantages of (Square, non-standard, round)Copper Mould Tubes for CCM

Extra-long service-life is achieved with the special multilayer Ni-Co-Cr coating, which features high micro hardness and optimum binding strength with the copper base. The tubes are designed for maximum heat transfer rate from the meniscus down to the bottom of the tube.  The taper-geometry depends on the steel-grades and casting conditions and is designed with the aim of minimizing the gap between the solidifying shell and the copper tube.
Package for (Square, non-standard, round) Copper Mould tube for CCM

Company profile
Founded in 1992, Henan Shengmiao Instrument Co., Ltd. is one of the China’s leading supplier of Square, non-standard, round copper mould tube and plate for CCM(continuous casting industry). With over 20 years of expertise in metallurgy industry of copper and copper alloys, the company is committed to research & development, and providing a range of high quality, innovative, cost-effective copper mould tube products and solutions.

Possessing advanced manufacturing equipments and cutting-edge technology for mechanical and Eelectro-plating processing, in order to meet customer’s requirement, the company designs and develops cooper mould tube and plate according to DIN, ASTM, EN, JIS standard. Providing diverse lines of the products backed by expert R&D technical support, we develop closer customer relationships and taking on a larger role in the total supply and manufacturing chain. The diverse products include copper mould tubes and copper mould plates.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification registered production facilities are emblematic of Shengmiao’s ongoing commitment to quality and sustainability in the manufacture of these products. The company maintains stringent quality processes and standards in the industry to ensure an effective Quality Management System, continual improvements, and excellence in customer satisfaction.

Being approved by international well-known inspection institutions such as SGS, OMIC, IKA, ISQI, COTECNA, our products have been exported to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Middle Eastern countries, which enjoys good reputation.

As an influential and responsible supplier, we are able to provide our customers with more thoughtful services and technical support. To ensure long-term customer satisfaction, we offer comprehensive support for copper mould over their whole life cycle.

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