rp 250 graphite

Pubdate: 08-09 2021

rp 250 graphite kneading process

rp 250 graphite

Definition and purpose of mixing and kneading In the production of carbon graphite materials, the materials prepared according to the formula are a dispersion system, which is neither uniform nor can it form a whole with a certain strength. In order to make the material evenly distributed and have a certain degree of plasticity so that it can be shaped, it must go through a certain technological process, which is called kneading. The so-called kneading is to add liquid binders to dry materials of various types and different particle sizes, and use mechanical stirring to make the materials evenly distributed, and the binder is evenly wrapped on the surface of the powder particles, and penetrates and infiltrates them. The micropores on the surface of the powder particles make the material have a certain degree of plasticity and compactness. The mixing and kneading process in the production of carbon graphite materials is a crucial process, and its purpose is to:

(1) Distribute and mix various materials evenly.

(2) Make the aggregates of different particle sizes evenly distributed, and fill the gaps between the particles with smaller particles to improve the compactness of the materials.

(3) Mix the dry material and the binder uniformly. The binder evenly covers the surface of the dry material particles and partially penetrates into the pores of the particles. The binding force of the binder binds all the particles together and gives the paste plasticity to facilitate forming.

(4) Make the structure of the dry material and the adhesive uniform, at a suitable temperature, and become a paste with good plasticity, which is convenient for pressing. The kneading quality of the material and the performance of the mixture in the kneading process conform to the statistical law. That is, when the powder material is added to the kneader, after a period of kneading, it can be distributed according to the Gauss-Laplace normal distribution law. When the mixing continues, it will cause a change in the distribution, and the distribution will become worse with the extension of the mixing time.

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