rp 300 graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-09 2021

Which one is good for rp 300 graphite electrode processing? CGM Carbon has 11 years of experience and rich experience

rp 300 graphite electrode

Carbon is a company specializing in the processing of Datong rp 300 graphite electrode. Our company has more than 11 years of experience in the graphite and carbon material industries. The work team has strong graphite R&D and production capabilities. Quality rp 300 graphite electrode, as well as carbon product solutions and products.

All customers who use our company’s products will enjoy complete customer service, Wanzheng’s product instructions and precautions, and our customers who use the graphite products provided by our company can provide on-site technical guidance. If there is any product problem, we will provide 24 hours free after-sales service. Basic parameters: Fixed carbon: 99 Moisture: 0.01 Ash content: 0.3 Expansion degree: 1.2 Particle size on screen: 0.2 Particle size under screen: 99.8 Model: mm Application range: smelting, refining, submerged arc furnace, electric arc furnace, yellow phosphorus, brown Corundum etc.

Warm reminder: rp 300 graphite electrode should be stored in a clean and dry place, and avoid vibration and collision, and be dried before use. When installing the joint, clean the hole with compressed air, and then carefully screw the joint in so as not to damage the thread. When connecting the rp 300 graphite electrode, clean the cross section of the two rp 300 graphite electrodes with compressed air when the distance between the two rp 300 graphite electrodes is 20-30mm. When using a wrench to connect the rp 300 graphite electrode, it should be fully tightened to the specified position so that the gap between the two rp 300 graphite electrodes is not greater than 0.05mm. To avoid breaking the rp 300 graphite electrode, please avoid the insulating material. To prevent the rp 300 graphite electrode from breaking, please place the big chat block on the lower part and the small material block on the upper part.

Carbon has a thorough understanding of carbon graphite, a positive management team, superb engineering skills and a customer-oriented service concept to serve Datong rp 300 graphite electrode processing consumers, and strive to provide customers with a complete set of solutions for customers To create more value, we look forward to cooperating with you!

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