rp 450 graphite

Pubdate: 08-10 2021

The rp 450 graphite enterprise has undergone a cruel reshuffle and faces great challenges!

rp 450 graphite

Petroleum coke: The domestic petcoke market is generally trading, mainstream prices have remained stable, and prices in individual refineries have continued to decrease slightly. Needle coke: The market price is weak and stable, the market is pessimistic, and trading is average. The market outlook is weak and bearish. The anode material industry continues to operate stably, and the market purchases are good. Recarburizer: The recarburizer market is operating steadily, the transaction is fair, and the price is stable. The environmental protection in the north is greater than in the south, the operating rate of steel enterprises is lower, the demand is weak, and the demand in the south is stable.

rp 450 graphite: The market continues to operate in a weak state, with poor trading, and mainstream prices are falling weakly. The quotations of some manufacturers are far below the cost line and competition is fierce. A large rp 450 graphite company said that this is a deep and cruel reshuffle, and every company is facing huge challenges. Warm reminder: For processing Datong rp 450 graphite, please discuss detailed requirements with Carbon!

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