rp 500 graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-10 2021

rp 500 graphite electrode market performance

rp 500 graphite electrode

Today, the carbon rp 500 graphite electrode processing brings you the latest news of Baichuan Information. On November 22 (Wednesday), China’s rp 500 graphite electrode market price stabilized today. The price of ordinary, quasi-high, and ultra-high power rp 500 graphite electrode of Jiexiu Zhiyao Carbon Co., Ltd. is stable. The sales of the company are stable, the inventory is low, and the product is in short supply. The downstream mainly supplies metal silicon, yellow phosphorus, and steel plants. The annual production capacity is 60,000 tons, and the October output is 4,500 tons, ordinary 500 tons, quasi-high 2,000 tons, and ultra-high 2,000 tons. Hebei Shuntian rp 500 graphite electrode company has stable sales and low inventory. The downstream mainly supplies industrial silicon, corundum, yellow phosphorus, calcium carbide and other industries, and mainly produces large-scale products.

The products are mainly supplied to Yunnan, Sichuan, Xinjiang and other regions. The annual production capacity is 70,000 tons. In October, the output of rp 500 graphite electrode was 2500 tons, and the output of carbon rp 500 graphite electrode was 2500 tons. As of November 22, 2017, the mainstream price of RP 500 graphite electrode diameter mm in China: ordinary power yuan/ton; high power yuan/ton; ultra-high power yuan/ton. November 22nd rp 500 graphite electrode mainstream transaction reference price (yuan/ton) Regarding raw materials of rp 500 graphite electrode, on November 22, the center of gravity of the coal pitch market still moved upwards, the main production area modified pitch was yuan/ton, and the medium temperature pitch was yuan. /Ton. In addition to the rising coal tar price, the shortage of coal tar supply has directly led to the under-operation of its deep processing plants and the release of coal tar production. In terms of downstream demand, the profitability of downstream manufacturers is fair, and the limited production during the heating season has not affected the demand for coal pitch for the time being. Therefore, the bids of manufacturers in Hebei and Shandong still increased. Supported by costs in Ningxia and Inner Mongolia, new order negotiations at the end of the month pushed up about 100 yuan.

On the one hand, the southwestern region is favored by the main producing areas, and on the other hand, the prices of local raw materials have also risen, and there is no lack of new orders. November 22 Regional price of coal tar pitch (RMB/ton) Raw material market: New orders for coal tar rose sharply, and the main producing area was RMB/ton. Handan yuan/ton, Tangshan yuan/ton, Shandong yuan/ton; Yuan/ton; Henan yuan/ton; Wuhai accepts 3,200 yuan/ton. Downstream market: On November 22, the average price of aluminum A00 in the Yangtze River spot market was 14,770 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan/ton. Later prediction: To sum up, the cost is strong, the supply is difficult to increase, and coal tar pitch will be explored and run in the short term. Downstream of rp 500 graphite electrode Steel: The popularity of steel is repaired, and the spot price rises and discounts support. In the evening of Tuesday (November 21), the CRB index and crude oil closed flat, and the 20-day moving average supported a rebound correction; LME copper closed up and rebounded under the support of the mid-term moving average; the US dollar index closed down and stepped back on the mid-term moving average to be supported. Steel spot prices rose, Shanghai thread 4260, rose 70; iron ore 470, rose 5; Tangshan steel billet 3830, rose 30. As of the 17th, the social inventory of threaded steel continued to fall sharply compared to last week, with a decline of more than 9%, and the decline was further expanded compared with last week; the end-of-rebar inventory fell by 13.4%; both were lower than the level of the same period in previous years; indicating that terminal demand was digested well.

With the arrival of the heating season, Hebei, Tianjin, Shandong, Henan and other places have implemented environmental protection and production restrictions. Recently, after the environmental protection group has moved into some areas, the number of blast furnaces suspended has further expanded, which has a large impact on production. Last week, the blast furnace capacity utilization rate of 163 steel mills across the country was 78.81%, a week-on-week decrease of 7.3%; 93 of the 164 blast furnaces in Tangshan were overhauled and shut down, and the blast furnace capacity utilization rate was 59.64%, which was a big drop of 20.34% on a week-on-week basis. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and surrounding areas have issued a suspension order for earth and rock work. However, the current overall demand is acceptable, and there is no weakening, and specifications are in short supply in many places. The supply impact is obvious, and the supply and demand are in a tight balance, supporting the steady rise of the spot. Petroleum coke prices in various regions on November 22 (yuan/ton) Needle coke price information On November 22, the price of needle coke remained flat. In China, Jinzhou Petrochemical Branch’s oil-based needle coke (cooked) is 28,000 yuan/ton, and the oil-based needle coke (raw) is temporarily not quoted. Shandong Yida New Material Company’s oil-based needle coke (raw) is 21,000 yuan/ton. Shanghai Baosteel Chemical Co., Ltd. coal-based needle coke (cooked) is 30,000 yuan/ton, and coal-based needle coke (raw) is 20,000 yuan/ton. Shanghai Baosteel Chemical Company’s pitch coke (cooked) is 10,000 yuan/ton, and the pitch coke (raw) is 7,500 yuan/ton. Reference price of needle coke mainstream transactions on November 22 (yuan/ton)

When the carbon company was founded, it established the development strategy of “science and technology, innovation, and leadership”, adhering to the business philosophy of “quality first, service first”, through technological improvement, quality improvement, and market development, carbon has become a region in Shanxi, Hebei, and Mongolia. The largest graphitization processing company. The main business is rp 500 graphite electrode, Shijiazhuang rp 500 graphite electrode, Datong silicon carbide, carbon rp 500 graphite electrode processing. Contact number.

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