rp 500 graphite

Pubdate: 08-10 2021

Precautions for using rp 500 graphite

rp 500 graphite

Ulan Chabu rp 500 graphite enterprise carbon will answer the precautions for using rp 500 graphite:

1. When choosing the diameter of rp 500 graphite, please refer to the allowable current load and current density of rp 500 graphite.

2. The transportation and storage of rp 500 graphite should be protected from rain, snow and water, and it must be dried before use.

3. RP 500 graphite should be handled with care during loading, unloading and transportation to protect the thread and prevent impact and damage. Special spreaders should be used during loading and unloading.

4. Before connecting the new rp 500 graphite to the joint, the threaded holes of the rp 500 graphite must be sucked clean with compressed air, and then the joint and rp 500 graphite are installed as required. When the difference between the two ends of the two rp 500 graphite is 20-30mm, perform soot blowing twice, and then tighten the rp 500 graphite and the joint.

5. If iron joints are used to lift rp 500 graphite, it must be ensured that the joint threads are not deformed to avoid damaging the rp 500 graphite threads.

6. When connecting the rp 500 graphite, use a torque wrench to connect the rp 500 graphite according to the specified torque value.

7. The rp 500 graphite riser of the electric furnace should not be shaken during operation to prevent the rp 500 graphite connector from loosening or breaking.

8. The rp 500 graphite holder must hold the rp 500 graphite inside the safety line of the rp 500 graphite.

9. In order to prevent the rp 500 graphite from being broken when the unmelted charge collapses, the rp 500 graphite should be upgraded in time according to the melting situation, and the unmelted scrap steel should be pushed into the furnace pool.

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