rp graphite electrode manufacturer

Pubdate: 08-12 2021

Graphite electrode gradually replaces copper graphite electrode and will become the mainstream of EDM electrical discharge machining

rp graphite electrode manufacturer

Graphite electrode gradually replaces copper graphite electrode and will become the mainstream of EDM electrical discharge machining. According to investigations, due to the sharp increase in mold raw materials and energy prices, the product profit of the mold industry fell in 2014. In order to survive and develop, many rp graphite electrode manufacturers have adopted material switching as a major measure for transformation and development. It is understood that many rp graphite electrode manufacturers have introduced graphite EDM materials, which play an important role in mold making. Compared with traditional copper molds, graphite materials have the advantages of high processing accuracy and good surface effects, especially in the processing of complex, thin-walled, and high-hard materials mold cavities. Compared with copper, graphite material has the advantages of less consumption, fast discharge speed, light weight and low thermal expansion coefficient. Therefore, it is gradually replacing copper graphite electrode to become the mainstream of electrical discharge machining materials. In contrast, the graphite electrode material has the following six advantages:

1. Fast speed Graphite discharge is 2-3 times faster than copper, and the material is not easy to deform. It has obvious advantages in the processing of thin rib graphite electrode. Copper is about 1000 degrees, which is easy to deform due to heating. The sublimation temperature of graphite is about 3650 degrees. In contrast, the coefficient of thermal expansion of graphite materials is only 1/30 of that of copper materials.

2. Lightweight The density of graphite is only 1/5 of that of copper. When the large graphite electrode is used for electrical discharge machining, it can reduce the burden of the machine tool (EDM) and is more suitable for the application of large molds.

3. Low loss Since the spark oil contains C atoms, during electrical discharge machining, the high temperature causes the C atoms in the spark oil, and a protective film is formed on the surface of the graphite electrode, which compensates for the loss of the graphite electrode. 4. Burr-free copper graphite electrode needs to be manually removed after processing, and there is no burr after graphite processing, which not only saves a lot of cost and manpower, but also makes it easier to realize automated production. 5. Easy to polish Since the cutting resistance of graphite is only 1/5 of that of copper, it is easier to manually grind and polish in operation. 6. Low cost Due to the continuous increase in the price of copper materials in recent years, the price of homogeneous graphite in all aspects is lower than that of copper; the universality of the same carbon under the same volume, the price of graphite products is 30% lower than that of copper By 60, short-term fluctuations are relatively small. As energy-saving, environmental protection and processing efficiency have increasingly become the focus of manufacturing, the advantages of graphite electrode materials will gradually replace copper graphite electrode in EDM processing to play an important role. Similarly, in today’s increasingly fierce competition in the mold market, the use of advanced processing technology to develop high-quality mold products is the way for companies to win the market and customers.

rp graphite electrode manufacturer established the development strategy of “science and technology, innovation” when it was founded, adhering to the business philosophy of “service first”, after process improvement, quality improvement, and market development, carbon has become the graphitization process in Shanxi, Hebei, and Mongolia. Enterprise. The main business includes graphite electrode, Shijiazhuang graphite electrode, and Datong silicon carbide. Tel:

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