rp/hp/uhp grade graphite electrodes

Pubdate: 08-16 2021

High-power rp/hp/uhp grade graphite electrodes genuine processing CGM carbon provides assured service

rp/hp/uhp grade graphite electrodes

Datong rp/hp/uhp grade graphite electrodes process the chemical properties of elemental carbon at room temperature are relatively stable, insoluble in water, dilute acid, dilute alkali and organic solvents; it reacts and burns with oxygen at different high temperatures to generate carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide; in halogen Only fluorine can directly react with elemental carbon; under heating, elemental carbon is easier to be oxidized by acid; at high temperatures, carbon can also react with many metals to form metal carbides. Carbon is reductive and can smelt metals at high temperatures.

Graphite is a crystalline mineral of carbon elements, and its crystal lattice is a hexagonal layered structure. The distance between each mesh layer is 340pm, and the distance between carbon atoms in the same mesh layer is 142pm;. It belongs to the hexagonal crystal system with complete layered cleavage. The cleavage surface is dominated by molecular bonds, which has weaker attraction to molecules, so its natural floatability is very good. Graphite, diamond, carbon 60, carbon nanotubes, etc. are all simple substances of carbon, and they are allotropes.

Warm reminder that the carbon company has strong technical force and advanced processing equipment of Datong rp/hp/uhp grade graphite electrodes. It provides customers with professional and attentive services. It has good and stable cooperation with customers in Hebei, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, etc., and has won The trust and praise of the cooperative enterprises have a good reputation in the rp/hp/uhp grade graphite electrodes industry, and it is a conscientious enterprise that respects reputation and abides by contracts. The company is adjacent to the 208 National Highway and the Beijing-Baotou Railway. There is also a huge transportation network formed by the Beijing-Dalian Expressway, Dahu Expressway, Dayun Expressway, Deda Expressway and other high-speed roads. The traffic conditions are very convenient.

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