rp hp uhp graphite electrode factory

Pubdate: 08-13 2021

How much do you know about the use and application of silicon carbide bricks in life

Silicon carbide has been used more, and it is more common in life today. Today, rp hp uhp graphite electrode factory will let you know about some uses and applications of silicon carbide bricks.

rp hp uhp graphite electrode factory

Silicon carbide brick is a refractory brick made of silicon carbide as the main raw material, which is mixed with high-purity silicon carbide powder and high-activity silicon carbide. The main content of silicon carbide brick is SiC, the content is 72%-99%. Silicon carbide bricks are used in different industries and thermal equipment due to different combinations. Revo silicon carbide brick manufacturers are divided into clay bonding, Sialon bonding, alumina bonding, self bonding, high aluminum bonding, silicon nitride bonding, etc. according to different bonding methods. What are the uses of silicon carbide bricks? Where are the main applications? Silicon carbide bricks use silicon carbide as the raw material. Silicon carbide is also known as emery. It is made by high-temperature smelting of quartz sand, coke, wood chips and other raw materials in an electric furnace. Silicon carbide is often used to make refractory materials due to its stable chemical properties, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and good wear resistance.

Silicon carbide bricks use the corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity, impact resistance and other characteristics of silicon carbide to process and manufacture high-temperature smelting furnace linings, and are used in a variety of high-temperature thermal equipment. Silicon carbide bricks have slightly different uses due to different bonding methods. The main purpose of silicon carbide bricks is to serve as the lining of thermal equipment. It can be processed into different specifications of silicon carbide products by using different combinations according to the parts of the thermal equipment. , Such as silicon carbide plate, silicon carbide ring, etc. In the metallurgical industry, silicon carbide bricks are mainly used in aluminum melting furnaces for aluminum alloy smelting, secondary tuyere bricks of blast furnaces, etc.; in the power industry, they are mainly used in boilers as the nozzle of the boiler combustion chamber; in the domestic waste treatment industry, Used in waste incinerators.

rp hp uhp graphite electrode factory is located in the Inner Mongolia Fluorochemical Industrial Park company located at the junction of Shanxi and Mongolia. The business scope covers graphite electrode, Shijiazhuang graphite electrode, and Datong silicon carbide.

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