rp low pirce graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-16 2021

The use of high-purity rp low pirce graphite electrode in the industry

rp low pirce graphite electrode

The use of high-purity rp low pirce graphite electrode in the industry High-purity graphite is one of the most commonly used industrial processing materials in modern industry, also known as flake carbon powder. It can be seen from the properties of high-purity graphite that the flakes of high-purity graphite crystallize well, with excellent thermal conductivity, temperature resistance, toughness and excellent physical and chemical properties. Compared with ordinary rp low pirce graphite electrode, graphite crucible, graphite gasket and other high-purity graphite products. There is a synthetic high purity graphite called high thermal conductivity nano carbon powder. Compared with natural high-purity graphite, this synthetic high-purity graphite has high purity and small particle size. Baidu is in the nanometer range.

There are many requirements for technical batch standards, mainly including three specifications for brand, technical indicators and main purposes. Common brands require lc50-99.9, lc300-99.9, lc180-99.9, LC (I.9, LC (I) 75-99.9, LC (I) 45-99.9 and LC (I.9) fixed carbon percentage.

Technical indicators include moisture content and sieving rate. The general moisture content is 99.90% and 99.99%, respectively, the sieving rate is 0.20% and 0.20%, and the rest is greater than 80.0% and less than 20.0. The main purpose can be divided into two types of data: flexible graphite sealing material and smoothing agent matrix material. It is widely used in metallurgy, coatings, military industry and other industries. The appearance of high-purity graphite products has reduced the cost of industrial consumption in my country, and at the same time, the efficiency has also been greatly improved.

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