Safety production specifications for electrode paste

Pubdate: 01-06 2022

1. The general safety rules must be carefully implemented.

2. Welding electrode cylinders must be in accordance with the “Safety Operating Regulations for Electric and Gas Welding” with a certificate.

3. It is not allowed to do both work when filling the electrode paste and welding the electrode shell at the same time.

4. Metal objects are not allowed to be stacked on the paste platform, and it is forbidden to touch two electrodes at the same time to prevent electric shock.

5. The electrode paste must be clean and not mixed with debris. When adding the paste, be careful not to spread the paste on the platform and cause UMC.

6. The roundness of the electrode shell should be ensured during the transportation and lifting of the electrode shell.

7. Hand over and take over the measurement of paste notes to ensure the quality of electrode sintering and avoid paste-breaking accidents.

8. When adding paste and welding electrode shells, at least two people should work on site to prevent accidents.

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