Semi Coke

Pubdate: 06-11 2021


What is the semi coke?
Semi-coke is made from high-quality Jurassic clean coal. As a new type of carbon material, it has high fixed carbon, high specific resistance, high chemical activity, low ash content, low aluminum, low sulfur, and phosphorus. With low characteristics, it gradually replaces metallurgical coke and is widely used in the production of calcium carbide, ferroalloy, ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, and other products, becoming an irreplaceable carbon material.

Semi coke powder can be used in blast furnace instead of coal injection in steel-making.
0-6mm semi coke can be used for sintering Mn ore in process of production SiMn. or using in other sinter mill.
6-18mm semi coke can be used in producing Ferronickel ,Ferrosilicon ,Calcium Carbide and other ferroalloys.

Semi Coke
Semi coke The semi-coke structure is blocky, the particle size is generally between 0-80mm, and the color is light black.
There are two main types of semi-coke: one is semi-coke made with soil, and the other is semi-coke made by machine.
The two specifications of semi-coke are made from the same high-quality refined coal, but due to different production processes and equipment, their cost and quality will also vary.

Advantage of semi coke in production of Ferro-alloy smelting as deoxidizer

· Semi Coke could improve the quality of the ferroalloy significantly (especially low aluminum alloy Al2O3≤0.1%).
· Semi Coke could reduce unit electricity consumption significantly (nearly save more than 1000 KWHR, that means 8-10%)
· Semi coke could lower the cost of raw material. Although the price of semi coke and coke is similar, but it’s far cheaper than charcoal and pet-coke
· It’s very simple to replace coke, pet-coke and charcoal with semi coke. It’s no need to upgrade your equipment and the operation is easy and process is simple.

Semi-coke application

Semi-coke can replace coke (metallurgical coke) and is widely used in chemical, smelting, gas production, and other industries. It is better than coke in the production of metal silicon, ferroalloy, ferrosilicon, silicon manganese, fertilizer, calcium carbide, and other high energy-consuming products.

The application fields of semi-coke are continuously expanding. Semi-coke has high application value in improving the quality of downstream products, saving energy, reducing production costs, and increasing output. At the same time, semi-coke is injected in the blast furnace to produce carbonized materials, Activated carbon and civil and boiler fuels also have development potential.

Semi-coke classification
Semi-coke can be divided into burning semi-coke and machine-made semi-coke.

Burning semi-coke
Due to its simple and backward production process, and manual operation can only rely on experience to observe the fire to extinguish the fire, the quality cannot be stable. Under normal circumstances, the fixed carbon can only be guaranteed at about 82%, but because of its simple production process, investment Less, the production cost is low, and the sales price is relatively low. However, because of its waste of resources and pollution of the environment, production began to be gradually stopped at the beginning of this century.

Mechanism semi-coke
Due to the advanced dry distillation and burning process, the fixed carbon is 5-10% higher than the semi-coke made with soil, and the ash and volatile content are reduced by 3-5%. Because the furnace is equipped with controllable temperature measuring equipment, the quality It is relatively stable. Using recycled gas to burn and dry the semi-coke produced by secondary firing reduces the moisture content, and the mechanical strength is also significantly improved compared to the soil-smelting semi-coke. Since the manual operation is replaced by mechanical operation, such semi-coke is called “mechanical semi-coke”.

According to the shape of the semi-coke, it is divided into semi-coke large material, semi-coke medium material, semi-coke small material, and semi-coke focal surface.

Semi Coke Granule Specifications

What should we pay attention to when using semi coke?

1. Semi coke should have rainproof measures during storage to avoid damp rain.
2. Stove that uses semi coke should not communicate with the bedroom as much as possible to prevent gas poisoning.
3. During the use of semi coke, regularly clean the flue to ensure the full combustion of semi coke.
4. Add enough coal at one time. Add coal in the middle and late period of combustion to prevent the furnace temperature from being too low and extinguishing the fire.
5. The height and diameter of the chimney must be ensured, and the chimney interface and the chimney itself must not leak (the chimney is too low or too thin will cause the heating furnace to not burn normally, seal the fire and extinguish the fire, etc.).
6. Adjust the size of the air inlet on the dust removal door according to the situation when sealing the furnace, to prevent the situation that the fire can not be sealed or extinguished when the furnace is sealed.
7. If a chimney hat is added, the hat should be more than 50 cm away from the mouth of the chimney.

Semi Coke Specifications

Specification Parameter
Size 6-40mm(Various size ranges)
Fixed Carbon 85% min
Moisture 12% max
Sulphur 0.40% max
Phosphorus 0.020% max
Ash (Dry basis) 9.0% max
Volatile Matter (dry basis) 4.0% max
CSR 18% max
CRI 80% min
Reactivity (1100 C degree/%) 96%
Reactivity (1100 C degree/%) 3000-5000 degree/%Ω

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