Several common electrode accidents

Pubdate: 12-31 2021

1. Premature sintering of the electrode: the electrode paste has been sintered and hardened on the upper edge of the copper tile. It is called premature sintering. Premature sintering of the electrode paste will cause poor contact between the copper tile and the electrode, which will cause the copper tile to be burned out by arc, and it will also easily cause the electrode to become hard. Off.

2. Leaking paste: Liquid or semi-liquid electrode paste flowing out from the damaged part of the electrode barrel is called leaking paste. If paste leakage occurs, power off immediately, otherwise it may cause the entire bucket of electrode paste to flow into the furnace, causing a major accident. A slight paste leakage may easily cause problems such as soft disconnection of the electrode from the leakage.

3. Hard breaking: the electrode breaking at the sintered part is called hard breaking. Hard breaking usually reddened the existing small cracks, and then became brighter and brighter, instantly turning white and arcing and breaking, there was a dazzling arc and sound when breaking, and the ammeter suddenly returned to zero.

4. Soft break: The electrode breaks before it is baked is called soft break. Soft breaking is the most troublesome kind of electrode accidents. Pay attention to all the factors that make the electrode sintering badly and the electrode becomes soft, and always check and adjust the various factors that affect the sintering.

5. Electrode paste suspension: The electrode paste is suspended in the electrode barrel, so that a larger space appears in the electrode barrel. This phenomenon is called electrode paste suspension. If the suspension of the electrode paste is not discovered and treated in time, when the empty electrode bucket enters the empty watt, the electrode bucket will be burned, the electrode will be broken, and the electrode accident will be caused and the normal operation of the electric furnace will be affected.

In short, there are many reasons for electrode accidents, and the corresponding accident handling methods and preventive measures are also different. We, Rongxin Carbon, have been committed to quality control, and produce high-quality and reliable electrode paste products for users.

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