stock graphite electrodes

Pubdate: 08-18 2021

How to choose stock graphite electrodes material correctly

stock graphite electrodes

We all know that graphite has high-quality properties that other metal materials cannot replace. As the material of choice, stock graphite electrodes often have many confusing characteristics in actual material selection. There are many reasons for choosing stock graphite electrodes, but there are four main criteria: For materials with the same average particle size, the strength and hardness of low-resistivity materials are slightly lower than those of high-resistivity materials. In other words, the discharge speed and loss are different.

Therefore, the intrinsic resistivity of stock graphite electrodes is of great significance for practical applications. The choice of stock graphite electrodes is directly related to the discharge effect. The choice of material largely determines the final conditions of discharge speed, machining accuracy and surface roughness. In the special graphite industry, the general hardness test standard is the Shore hardness test method, and its test principle is different from that of metals. Although in our subconscious understanding of graphite, it is usually regarded as a soft material. However, actual test data and applications show that the hardness of graphite is higher than that of metal materials. Due to the layered structure of graphite, it has excellent cutting performance during the cutting process.

The cutting force is only about 1/3 of that of copper materials, and the machined surface is easy to machine. However, due to its high hardness, tool wear will be slightly larger than metal cutting tools. At the same time, high hardness materials have a good control effect on discharge loss. Therefore, the Shore hardness of stock graphite electrodes is also one of the criteria for selecting stock graphite electrodes. Then there is the flexural strength of stock graphite electrodes. The bending strength of stock graphite electrodes is a direct reflection of the strength of the material, showing the compactness of the internal structure of the material. High-strength materials have good resistance to discharge wear. For stock graphite electrodes with high precision, materials with better strength should be used as much as possible.

Finally, the average particle size of stock graphite electrodes and stock graphite electrodes directly affect the discharge state of the material. The smaller the average particle size, the more uniform the discharge, the more stable the discharge conditions, and the better the surface quality. The larger the particle size, the faster the discharge speed and the smaller the rough machining loss. The main reason is that the discharge energy changes with the current intensity during the discharge process.

However, the surface finish after discharge varies with the particles. Stock graphite electrodes are the material of choice in the industry. It is precisely because of the impeccable advantages of stock graphite electrodes that the correct selection of the standard of stock graphite electrodes and the selection of the appropriate pair of stock graphite electrodes are the key.

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