The factors that affect the quality of semi coke

Pubdate: 12-01 2021
In the process of producing semi coke, the different raw coal and technological process and technological conditions have certain influence on the properties of semi coke 1. The yield of blue carbon during coal pyrolysis decreases with the increase of pyrolysis temperature, and is affected by the volatile content of raw coal. The coal with high volatile content has a low yield.
2. The volatiles of semi coke decreased with the increase of pyrolysis temperature, and the volatiles of semi coke of different coals tended to be the same at high temperature.The volatile content of semi coke produced from coal with high silky content is higher than that from raw coal. 3. The calorific value of semi coke is the highest when the pyrolysis temperature is 550~600℃.It is significant to produce blue carbon with high calorific value by pyrolysis of high moisture, low metamorphism lignite and long flame coal. 4, the sulfur content of semi coke with different pyrolysis temperature changes little;The calorific value of orchid charcoal is much higher than that of raw coal, and the sulfur content is also low, which has the significance of pyrolytic desulfurization to prepare clean fuel.
5. Resistivity and CO2 reactivity of semi coke calcination are independent of pyrolysis temperature;The coal with higher metamorphic degree has lower resistivity of semi coke and higher activation energy of CO2 reaction.The resistivity and chemical reactivity of blue carbon are mainly related to the degree of condensation and graphitization of aromatic groups in the structure.

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