The problem of slow sintering of electrode paste

Pubdate: 01-04 2022

Generally speaking, three aspects should be considered as the cause of the accident: submerged arc furnace equipment problem; worker operation problem; electrode paste quality problem.

Because equipment problems are quantitative, the equipment under normal conditions is the same as the equipment in the event of an accident. Then we must consider the issues of worker operation and the quality of electrode paste. The daily operations of workers are not the same, such as when to increase the load, when to reduce the load, and so on.

Electrode paste quality problem: The quality of electrode paste depends on the ratio of electrode paste raw materials. It is not very sure that the quality of electrode paste from different batches of electrode paste factory is exactly the same. In Rongxin Carbon Electrode Paste Plant, the formula of each plant is different. For long-term and stable customers, we will supply every month, and we can achieve the same quality every month.

After the above analysis, the reasons and response methods for this situation are as follows:

1. High volatilization and softening point

Reduce the softening point and volatile matter of the electrode paste. According to the customer, the current electrode paste has a softening point of 80 and a volatilization of 10.5. It can be seen that the softening point is indeed relatively high. It is recommended to use electrode paste with a softening point of 70-75 below;

2. There is a big deviation in volatile matter

There is another possibility that the product quality of the electrode paste factory supplied to this alloy factory is unstable, which causes the goods of each batch to be different, which affects the sintering of the electrode paste;

3. The aggregate quality of the electrode paste is relatively poor

The strength of the electrode paste is closely related to the aggregate (the particle size of anthracite, pitch, and residual electrode). Anthracite is divided into electric calcined coal and general calcined coal. We are now using Ningxia electric calcined coal, whose strength can meet the requirements of customers;

4. Furnace: transform the ribs

If the quality of the electrode paste is okay, then the ribs of the furnace need to be modified. As for whether to increase or decrease, this needs to be analyzed in detail.

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