The use of electrode paste in ferroalloy electric furnace

Pubdate: 12-08 2021

At present, when domestic submerged arc furnaces are used to produce ferrosilicon, manganese and chromium ferroalloys, standard electrode pastes are usually used. With the widespread use of large-capacity submerged arc furnaces and closed electric furnaces, the number of large-scale electric furnaces has continued to increase; and the output of ferroalloys has increased significantly, many silico-manganese alloy submerged arc furnaces are gradually switching to closed electrode pastes. In order to ensure that the self-baking electrode can be sintered early. There are also some silicomanganese alloy manufacturers, which are electric furnace nickel-iron manufacturers. According to the needs of our factory, they usually prefer to choose high-standard sealed electrode paste that is more suitable for them. Among them, the main point is that the high-standard electrode paste is easy to bake, has stable performance and quality, and can ensure the baking quality of the electrode, so as to prevent the occurrence of soft short, hard broken, and U-turn events.

A nickel-iron alloy plant in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has been in operation for 7 months and has 22 accidents of paste leakage and hard breakage, resulting in 48 severely short electrodes. The main reason is that the electrode paste is selected improperly and the electrode paste baking speed of the electrode is too slow. Later, after the above-mentioned ferronickel plant switched to Gongyi Rongxin carbon high-standard airtight paste, only one hard-breaking accident of non-electrode paste quality occurred in 8 months. Users are satisfied with the quality of Rongxin Carbon’s electrode paste.

The core of the long-term stable operation of ferroalloys is whether the electrode column can work normally. People often regard the electrode as the “heart” of the submerged arc furnace. The central issue is the quality of electrode sintering to ensure long-term stable operation and fewer accidents. In fact, in the production cost of ferroalloys, the cost factor of electrode paste consumption only accounts for a very small share. The primary responsibility of the operators and organizers of production is to ensure the normal operation of production equipment. Once the electrode of the electric furnace has an accident, the loss will be huge and catastrophic, and it is almost impossible to make up.

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