uhp 350mm graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-18 2021

Which tools to choose for graphite mold and uhp 350mm graphite electrode hole

uhp 350mm graphite electrode

Because graphite is a hexagonal crystal, the bonding force between layers is relatively weak, the internal porosity is large, and the tensile strength is low, which makes the machining performance of graphite good. Ulanchabu uhp 350mm graphite electrode is a very common one in production and life. A black non-metallic raw material with relatively low density and possesses properties such as high temperature resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, lubricity, chemical stability, plasticity, and thermal shock resistance.

Because of its excellent properties, graphite is often used to manufacture graphite parts such as uhp 350mm graphite electrode, graphite molds, 3D hot bending molds, etc. Graphite mold parts have complex structures, high precision requirements, strict quality requirements, etc., and there are many hole processing requirements. These characteristics cause problems such as edge jagged, slag drop and corner chipping in the processing of graphite products. There are many ways to process the graphite mold uhp 350mm graphite electrode hole and tool selection hole processing. Take the uhp 350mm graphite electrode as an example. , There are drilling, milling, turning, boring, etc. Each processing method is different, and the tool selected is also different. For graphite products drilling, PCD drills or Valin CVD diamond-coated drills are generally selected. For small holes below 3mm, it is recommended to choose cvd-coated drills; for larger-size holes, PCD drills are recommended.

CNC milling of graphite products. For holes with high surface requirements and large diameters, milling cannot be used when machining on a lathe. Generally, CNC milling machines are used to machine holes. Same as the choice of drilling tools, uhp 350mm graphite electrode milling holes can also be used. You can choose CDW025/CDW302 grade PCD milling cutter or Valin cvd diamond-coated milling cutter, and depending on the shape of the hole, you can choose graphite flat-end milling cutter or graphite ball end milling cutter. Both boring and turning holes of graphite products can be processed on a lathe. For graphite products with a large diameter of more than 10mm and easy to clamp on the lathe, you can choose to use CNC blade turning to process the graphite inner hole; for the turning of small holes of 3-10mm , Generally choose a small boring tool for boring, PCD small boring tool, the length of the tool bar can be customized according to requirements, and for special requirements of working conditions, it can be customized according to the drawings. If it is inconvenient to clamp the uhp 350mm graphite electrode mold product on the lathe, perform the boring operation on the boring machine.

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