uhp 450mm graphite electrode with low resistivity for lf furnace

Pubdate: 08-20 2021

Understand the tool selection for machining graphite electrode and the recommendation of machining parameters for graphite electrode

uhp 450mm graphite electrode with low resistivity for lf furnace

Graphite has excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and is widely used in graphite parts products such as uhp 450mm graphite electrode with low resistivity for lf furnace, graphite molds, graphite crucibles, graphite batteries, graphite electrodes, and graphite electrodes.

Because graphite is an allotrope of carbon, it is hard and brittle, so when turning, milling, drilling and other processing, it is easy to produce collapse phenomenon on the processed surface. Therefore, when choosing tools for turning, milling and drilling uhp 450mm graphite electrode with low resistivity for lf furnace, the tools should have high wear resistance and impact resistance. The choice of tool material for graphite electrode machining is the basic factor that determines the cutting performance. It has a great impact on machining efficiency, machining quality, machining cost and tool durability. At present, the tool materials used for efficient processing of graphite electrode mainly include carbide-coated tools, diamond (PCD) tools and diamond-coated tools.

(1) Hard alloy coated tools. Using ultra-fine cemented carbide, the surface is plated with AlTiN, which can reduce cutting resistance and improve wear resistance. It is suitable for the machining of graphite electrode, but not suitable for high-speed, high-efficiency, and large-volume CNC machining.

(2) Diamond (PCD) tools. Diamond material is the hardest superhard material found so far. Choose Cdw302 material with better coarse-grained wear resistance. The service life of cdw302uhp 450mm graphite electrode with low resistivity for lf furnace is dozens of times that of cemented carbide tools, with stable performance, suitable for high-speed, high-efficiency, and mass production processing.

(3) HPD diamond coated tools. The CVD diamond coating process combines the seismic performance of tungsten steel rods, the impact toughness of tungsten steel and the super wear resistance of diamond. It is currently an effective tool for processing graphite electrodes. It is widely used in graphite electrodes, three-dimensional glass hot bending molds, composite materials, High silicon aluminum, ceramics, diamond and other difficult-to-process materials, but due to factors such as the manufacturing process, cycle, and price of the diamond coating, as the technology and cost control of the PCDgraphite electrode tool become more and more mature, generally choose cdw302 or cdw010 first. Graphite knives. For the micro processing and small hole processing of graphite electrode, it is recommended to use HPD coated tools, such as micro graphite ball-end milling cutters and graphite drills.

uhp 450mm graphite electrode with low resistivity for lf furnace machining tool structure The common methods for machining graphite electrode are turning, milling, drilling, etc. According to different machining processes, select the appropriate tool structure, such as graphite turning tools, graphite milling cutters, Graphite drill bits, etc. The tools for cutting graphite electrode mainly include cdw302 graphite turning tools, cdw302 graphite milling cutters, cdw302 graphite drill bits, HPD coated milling cutters, and HPD coated drill bits. Cdw302 graphite cutting tools and HPD coating cutting tools have the characteristics of sharpness, wear resistance and long service life, which can increase the service life of the tool by 10-20 times, reduce the number of tool changes, and greatly improve the processing efficiency. After a special edge optimization, the cutting resistance is effectively reduced and the efficiency is improved; at the same time, the graphite products can be effectively processed under the condition that the cutting speed is 2-3 times higher than that of the cemented carbide tool, so as to meet the needs of the machining center. Batch, high-efficiency, high-precision processing requirements. The choice of graphite electrode process parameters The so-called cutting parameters refer to the three elements of cutting speed, feed speed and depth of cut.

In the process of processing uhp 450mm graphite electrode with low resistivity for lf furnace, according to the three elements of cutting control, the high efficiency and high precision requirements of graphite electrode and other parts are guaranteed. In the process of graphite machining, high speed (cutting speed VC), rapid feed (feed speed FR) and small depth of cut (cutting depth AP) are used for machining. The specific cutting parameter ranges are as follows:

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