uhp 550 graphite

Pubdate: 08-23 2021

The purpose of uhp 550 graphite

uhp 550 graphite

Uhp 550 graphite is made of high-quality anthracite, coke, graphite, etc. as raw materials. Used as the cathode of aluminum electrolytic cell. It is masonry at the bottom of the electrolytic cell, also known as the bottom carbon block. The characteristic cathode carbon block plays a dual role of conducting electricity and forming the inner lining of the electrolytic cell.

The production of aluminum electrolysis requires the cathode uhp 550 graphite to have high temperature resistance. The characteristics of resistance to molten salt corrosion, good electrical and thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, good thermal shock resistance and strong resistance to sodium corrosion are beneficial to the energy saving of aluminum electrolysis and the improvement of cell life. Types of cathode carbon blocks According to product quality requirements, selected raw materials and adopted process conditions, China’s cathode uhp 550 graphite is basically divided into three categories: ordinary cathode carbon blocks, semi-graphite carbon blocks and graphite carbon blocks. Ordinary cathode uhp 550 graphite uses anthracite calcined at 1250~1350℃ as the main raw material. Semi-graphite carbon blocks are divided into two types according to different production processes.

One is high-quality high-temperature electric calcined anthracite or, more graphite fragments or even all graphite fragments are used as aggregates, and the green products after molding are only calcined (the baking temperature does not exceed 1200°C) and no longer enters graphitization. Furnace heat treatment, this uhp 550 graphite is called semi-graphite carbon block. The other kind of coke which is more easily graphitized is aggregate, and the raw product is roasted and then enters the graphitization furnace for heat treatment at a temperature of 1800~2000℃. This kind of carbon block is called semi-graphite (chemical) carbon block. The former has higher strength and hardness, while the latter has better electrical conductivity and overall effect.

Graphite uhp 550 graphite, using easy graphitized coke as raw material, its graphitization temperature should reach about 2500°C. The difference between semi-graphite carbon block and graphite carbon block lies in the degree of orderly arrangement of the product crystal lattice, that is, the difference in the degree of graphitization. The electrical resistivity of the product can be used to indicate the degree of graphitization. The crystal lattice of the graphite carbon block is basically completely arranged in an orderly state, and the resistivity is less than 15μΩ? m; The degree of graphitization of the semi-graphite carbon block is low or only partially graphitized, and the resistivity is 15~45μΩ? m.

The heat treatment temperature is expressed in the process. The maximum heat treatment temperature of semi-graphite uhp 550 graphite is about 2000°C, and the graphitization temperature of graphite carbon block is 2500-2800°C. Ordinary cathode carbon block, with a resistivity of 50-60m. Graphitized cathode is a conductive material used in the cathode of aluminum electrolytic cells, and represents the development direction of the electrolytic aluminum industry. With the technological progress and development of the electrolytic aluminum industry, the electrolytic cell is developing in the direction of large capacity above 300KVA, and the requirements for cathode materials are higher.

The main advantage of graphitized cathode is to strengthen the current, improve current efficiency, achieve the purpose of increasing production and energy saving, and make the electrolyzer run stably. The larger the trough, the more obvious the stable operation effect, and the more obvious the improvement of current efficiency. Aluminum electrolyzers using graphitized cathodes Unit production capacity is increased by 10-15%, and electricity can be saved by more than 600KWh per ton of aluminum. Graphitized cathode aluminum electrolysis cell has obvious effects of energy saving and consumption reduction and emission reduction, and it is one of the materials that the country prefers to promote and develop in the electrolytic aluminum industry.

When the carbon company was founded, it established the development strategy of “science and technology, innovation, and leadership”, adhering to the business philosophy of “quality first, service first”, through technological improvement, quality improvement, and market development, carbon has become a region in Shanxi, Hebei, and Mongolia. The largest graphitization processing company.

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