uhp 700 graphite

Pubdate: 08-24 2021

What is the product of Datong uhp 700 graphite

uhp 700 graphite

China’s uhp 700 graphite smelting production process, technical equipment and energy consumption per ton have reached the world’s leading level. The quality level of black and green silicon carbide raw blocks is also world-class.

The gap between China’s uhp 700 graphite and the world’s advanced level is mainly concentrated in four aspects:

First, large-scale machinery and equipment are rarely used in the production process, and many processes are completed by manpower, and the per capita output of silicon carbide is low;

Second, in the deep-processed products of uhp 700 graphite, the quality management of granular sand and fine powder products is not fine enough, and the stability of product quality is not enough;

Third, there is a certain gap between the performance indicators of some cutting-edge products and similar products in developed countries;

The fourth is the direct emission of carbon monoxide during the smelting process. Major foreign companies have basically achieved closed smelting, while almost all of China’s silicon carbide smelting is open smelting, and all carbon monoxide is discharged directly.

In 2012, Chinese companies developed closed smelting technology to achieve full recovery of carbon monoxide, but there is still a long way to go before the industry is popularized. uhp 700 graphite products can be divided into many categories, which are divided into different categories according to different usage environments. Generally used on machinery more. For example, when used on mechanical seals, it can be called uhp 700 graphite seal ring, which can be divided into static ring, moving ring, flat ring and so on. According to the special requirements of customers, we can also produce various shapes of silicon carbide products, such as silicon carbide special-shaped parts, silicon carbide plates, silicon carbide rings, etc. Silicon carbide ceramics, one of the products of silicon carbide, has the characteristics of high hardness, high corrosion resistance and high high temperature strength, which makes silicon carbide ceramics widely used. Applied to sealing ring: Silicon carbide ceramic has good chemical resistance, high strength, high hardness, good wear resistance, low friction coefficient, and high temperature resistance, so it is an ideal material for manufacturing sealing rings.

When it is paired with graphite materials, its friction coefficient is smaller than that of alumina ceramics and cemented carbide, so it can be used for high PV values, especially in the working conditions of transporting strong acids and alkalis. The SIC-1 type uhp 700 graphite atmospheric sintered products produced by our company have the characteristics of high density, high hardness, large production volume, and production of complex shapes. They are suitable for use in high-performance seals, especially high PV values. And resistant to strong acids and alkalis. The SIC-3 silicon carbide ceramic products produced by our company are graphite-containing uhp 700 graphite materials. Because the silicon carbide matrix contains a large number of dispersed fine graphite particles, when paired with other materials, its friction coefficient is very small and has good self-lubricating properties, which is especially suitable for making air seals or seals with dry friction conditions. It is used in the middle, so that the service life of the seal and the reliability of the work are improved.

When the Carbon Company was founded, it established the development strategy of “Technology, Innovation, and Leading”, adhering to the business philosophy of “Quality First, Service First”. After technological improvement, quality improvement, and market development, Carbon has become a region in Shanxi, Hebei, and Mongolia. The largest graphitization processing company. The main business includes graphite electrode and Shijiazhuang graphite electrode.

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