uhp 750 graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-24 2021

Application of uhp 750 graphite electrode in building materials industry

uhp 750 graphite electrode

(1) In terms of ceramics, silicon carbide slabs and levels of various kilns such as tunnel kilns, shuttle kilns, bell kilns, and inverted flame kilns used to produce daily ceramics, architectural ceramics, art ceramics, electronic ceramics, etc. Pillars, saggers, etc. In the muffle kiln, silicon carbide plates are used as muffle plates and furnace bottoms. Electric furnace lining and muffle sleeve can be made on electric furnace.

(2) In cement rotary kilns, wear-resistant silicon carbide bricks are used as unloading furnace lining bricks.

(3) In the glass industry, silicon carbide bricks are used to build the high-temperature parts of tank kilns and trough kiln regenerators, glass annealing furnaces and high-pressure boilers, as well as the lining of the combustion chamber of garbage incinerators.

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