uhp electrode graphite

Pubdate: 08-25 2021

Typical application case of uhp electrode graphite device

uhp electrode graphite

Ulan Chabu graphite electrode manufacturer will show you what are the typical applications of uhp electrode graphite devices?

1. 5G infrastructure-communication power supply The communication power supply is the energy storage for server and base station communication, which provides power for various transmission equipment to ensure the normal operation of the communication system. The high frequency characteristics of silicon carbide MOSFET make the magnetic unit in the power circuit smaller and lighter, and the overall efficiency of the power supply is higher; the uhp electrode graphite Schottky II and the tube reverse recovery characteristic of almost zero make it suitable for many PFCs. The circuit has broad application prospects.

2. New energy vehicle charging pile-charging pile power module The rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry has driven the growth of the demand for charging pillars. For new energy electric vehicles, improving the charging speed and reducing the charging cost are the two major goals of the industry development. . The use of silicon carbide devices in the power module of the charging pile can realize the power of the power module of the charging pile, thereby realizing the improvement of the charging speed and the reduction of the charging cost.

3. Big Data Center, Industrial Internet-Server Power Supply The server power supply is the server energy library, and the server provides power to ensure the normal operation of the server system. The use of uhp electrode graphite power devices in the server power supply can increase the power density and efficiency of the server power supply, reduce the overall size of the data center, reduce the overall construction cost of the data center, and achieve higher environmental protection efficiency. For example, in a 3kW server power supply module, the use of silicon carbide MOSFETs in the totem pole PFC can significantly improve the efficiency of the server power supply and achieve higher efficiency requirements.

4. UHV-the application of flexible transmission DC circuit breaker UHV as a large-scale system project will urge a series of requirements from raw materials and components, and power devices are FACTS flexible transmission technology and changes in UHV DC transmission at the transmission end. The key component of the electric terminal power electronic transformer (PET). As one of the key parts of flexible DC transmission, the reliability of DC circuit breaker has a great influence on the stability of the entire transmission system. The use of traditional silicon-based devices to design DC circuit breakers requires multi-level sub-units to be connected in series. The use of high-voltage uhp electrode graphite devices in DC circuit breakers can greatly reduce the number of series-connected sub-units, which is the direction of industry research.

5. Intercity high-speed rail and intercity rail transit-traction converters, power electronic transformers, auxiliary converters, auxiliary power supplies. Future rail transit has proposed changes to power electronic devices, such as traction converters, power electronic voltage transformers, etc. High demands. The use of silicon carbide power devices can greatly improve the power density and work efficiency of these devices, and will help significantly reduce the load-carrying system of rail transit.

Uhp electrode graphite devices can achieve further efficiency and miniaturization of equipment, and have huge technical advantages in rail transit. Japan’s Shinkansen N700S has taken the lead in using silicon carbide power devices in traction converters, greatly reducing the weight of the vehicle, achieving higher carrying efficiency and reducing operating costs. Disclaimer: The text and pictures are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact the webmaster to delete!

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