uhp graphite electorde

Pubdate: 08-26 2021

Hardcore player of uhp graphite electorde technology, Infineon uses “core” in the new energy era

uhp graphite electorde

Datong uhp graphite electorde sales company learned: Recently, Infineon’s graphite electrode application technology development and photovoltaic and energy storage ended in Shanghai, which is full of spring. This grand event was full of guests. The management team and technical experts of Infineon’s Industrial Power Control Division, big names in the industry, academia, and research fields of uhp graphite electorde, and partners in the co-creation system gathered together to talk about the graphite electrode technology. Development prospects, application methods, and looking forward to the future development trend of new energy.

With the theme of “Cool Core Yinghua Blooming”, Infineon Technology Director Peter Friedrichs delivered a keynote speech on “Technical Layout of Infineon Graphite Electrode”, which kicked off the whole conference. Many experts from Infineon, Delta Power, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Eaton Electric, TüV Rheinland Group, and IHS Markit also attended and gave wonderful reports. Under the wave of China’s industrial innovation, emerging industries and energy industries are developing rapidly, and technology is constantly updated and iterated, which requires power devices to have better performance. Uhp graphite electorde power devices will usher in an explosive period with the advantages of high frequency and high power density, and are widely used in various fields. In industries such as fast charging piles, solar inverters, medium and high power UPS, new energy vehicles, rail transit, etc., the market scale of graphite electrode devices will rapidly expand and is expected to occupy the commanding heights of future technology. As a global semiconductor company, Infineon keeps pace with the times, pioneers and innovates, and has introduced advanced graphite electrode technology and complete solutions, which will help Chinese companies and partners in the following application areas: · Solar energy: uhp graphite electorde The technology can increase the rate while reducing the volume and weight of the system; ·In the field of electric vehicle charging: it can realize high-speed charging, simplify the circuit, and reduce losses; ·In the field of motor: SiC MOSFET can reduce loss and noise, and it is expected to reduce by half Inverter volume and weight; New energy vehicle field: SiC MOSFET will become the main technology and will be applied in all parts of new energy vehicles.

The experts also discussed in detail the advantages of graphite electrode technology, deeply analyzed the opportunities and challenges brought by graphite electrode technology to the market, and shared their unique insights on the current status and prospects of the uhp graphite electorde market. Highlight 1: When the graphite electrode arrives, does it bring opportunities or challenges to the market? The opportunities that SiC brings to the market far outweigh the challenges. SiC devices have the advantages of high voltage and high frequency, but people in the SiC field often “love and hate” SiC devices. On the one hand, SiC has reduced the volume while increasing efficiency. On the one hand, SiC has high requirements in application technology. In order to protect short-circuits, solve noise problems and heat dissipation problems, we have been continuously improving technology in recent years. Whether it is device R&D or system application, SiC still faces many technical barriers, and we will work together with SiC component manufacturers in this regard. ——Ms. Pan Qi, Executive Director of Delta Power Electronics R&D Highlight 2: Infineon’s market positioning in the SiC field, and the importance of SiC to Infineon. SiC is Infineon’s core product in the field of silicidation. A lot of efforts have been made in product development and production.

In terms of production, although the production cycle and capacity of wafers are a challenge in terms of the supply of SiC raw materials, Infineon’s existing cold cutting technology has promoted the application of wafer production. In terms of training talents in the field of SiC technology, Infineon continues to expand its technical team, hoping to extend the production capacity and capacity scale of Si devices to SiC, produce high-quality and reliable SiC products, and further consolidate and enhance our market position: Provide reliable SiC products and services for the industry! Infineon has discussed SiC with many domestic companies, and has mature cooperation in the following industries: fast charging piles, solar inverters, medium and high power UPS, vehicle power supplies, and rail transit. I think SiC can improve its efficiency in a certain industry, such as improving energy efficiency and reducing weight and volume. It will definitely have an effect in this field. However, SiC devices are not a panacea. For a long time to come, Si and SiC devices will coexist and develop together for a long time. ——Mr. Yu Daihui, Vice President of Infineon Technology Greater China, Head of Industrial Power Control Division. Highlight 3: Are SiC and Si in the same line or different? It can be analyzed from the principle of SiC and Si devices. In terms of structure, the main difference between Si and SiC materials is that they have different electric field capabilities, which are 10 times different from each other. Therefore, there can be some reference between SiC 600V devices and Si 60V devices. What SiC devices do now is roughly the same as the technology involved in Si before, so there are some lessons to be learned in terms of principles. ——Highlight four of the grand occasion of the School of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University: How to achieve a reasonable SiC positioning? The problem with SiC has always been severe, and customers always hope that the lower the better.

As an emerging technology, SiC also has common problems with emerging technologies: small output, insufficient stability, and high price. Although everyone hopes that SiC technology can be popularized, the process of developing from emerging technology to general technology is often very long. IGBT has been developed for a total of 30 years from 1990 to the present, and has gone through 7 generations of technology. In terms of wafers, it has gone through 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches, and the thickness of the chip has dropped from 300 to 60 μm. , The final cost has been reduced to one-fifth of the original. Therefore, SIC technology also needs time to polish the technology, thereby reducing costs. ——Dr. Ma Guowei, Director of Infineon’s Industrial Power Control Division. Highlight 5: Characteristics of modern power systems. Power electronics technology makes the generation, transmission, distribution, utilization and storage of electrical energy controllable, which can significantly improve the electrical energy conversion system Compatibility, has been widely used in modern power systems or power grids. ——Dr. Zixin Li from the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences Highlight 6: Changes and development trends of the power supply network With the emergence of new semiconductor technologies, we may change the working mode of power electronics relatively greatly.

Through this change, it is more conducive to proactively prevent various problems of the power grid and load through the uninterruptible power supply. ——Mr. Zheng Dawei, R&D Director of Eaton Electric, has gone through the development history of 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch wafers over the years. The thickness of the chip has also been reduced from 300μm to 60μm all the way, and semiconductor technology is changing with each passing day. Not only has it created advanced graphite electrode devices, but also chips, module topologies and packaging that better meet the needs of specific industries. In order to further build a new platform for industry communication, the development of uhp graphite electorde application technology also sets up photovoltaic and energy storage points.

At the conference, not only industry analysis and consulting companies interpret the future trend of the optical storage market, but also the certification body detailed the design specifications and certification of optical storage products. Infineon’s technical experts explained the photovoltaic product solutions to the participants in a simple way. Frequent interactions and constant surprises have set off an upsurge of technology exchanges in the semiconductor industry. Go further. After a year of spring and autumn, Infineon’s graphite electrode application technology development has taken root in China and has produced many fruits. In the future, Infineon will continue to create a “core”, the development of the uhp graphite electorde industry, and work with partners to build a bright future in the field of new energy.

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