uhp graphite electrode 450 factory

Pubdate: 08-26 2021

The market status of uhp graphite electrode 450 factory in my country

uhp graphite electrode 450 factory

Since 1998, China’s graphite electrode output has been ranked first. According to statistics, the world’s total reserves of graphite electrode in 2013 totaled 77 million tons, mainly distributed in China (71%), India (14%), Mexico (4%), Brazil (1%), Madagascar (1%) and other countries.

China has abundant graphite electrode deposits, which account for 75% of the world’s total reserves. Crystal graphite electrodes are mainly distributed in Heilongjiang Province, and scale graphite electrodes are mainly distributed in Inner Mongolia, Shandong and Heilongjiang. According to calculations based on data since 1990, the average annual output of graphite electrodes in China is 468,000 tons. Based on this calculation, China’s graphite electrode reserves can only be maintained for about a hundred years.

In 2012, China’s annual output of graphite electrode was 870,000 tons. Based on this rate, the maintenance period is even more reduced. Due to the sufficient supply of graphite electrode in China, the highest price of graphite electrode in the world has gradually declined from the US$1,700 per ton in the late 1980s, and remained at a low level until 2005. Since September 2006, prices have rebounded rapidly. After 2008, due to the slowdown in world economic growth, the prices of some graphite electrode products have fallen to a certain extent. In 2014, China’s natural graphite electrode industry fell from its peak at the end of 2011, the price went into a trough, and the output began to shrink. According to statistics, the total output of natural scale graphite electrodes in China in 2014 was about 500,000 tons. The main consumer market is still the refractory market, and the consumption of graphite electrodes accounts for more than 40% of domestic graphite electrode sales. In 2015, the uhp graphite electrode 450 factory did not change significantly. The decline in volume and price is a common phenomenon in the natural graphite electrode industry. The price of graphite electrode in my country has not been above a reasonable price, because the uhp graphite electrode 450 factory has not been on a benign development track for many years. The lack of self-discipline among enterprises and disorderly competition have led to the market. The price is chaotic.

When uhp graphite electrode 450 factory was founded, it established the development strategy of “technology, innovation, leading”, adhering to the business philosophy of “quality first, service first”. , The largest graphite electrode processing enterprise in Mongolia. The main business includes graphite electrode, Shijiazhuang graphite electrode, and Datong silicon carbide. Tel:

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