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Pubdate: 08-26 2021

Common problems in the application of graphite electrode

uhp graphite electrode factory

Under normal circumstances, when using graphite electrode, uhp graphite electrode factory should pay attention not to let the heated raw material fill the tongs pot. That is very risky. Not only is it very easy to cause test safety accidents, but it also affects the service life of graphite electrode. It will also cause great harm.

In addition, it should be noted that under normal circumstances, the tongs pan needs to be heated by four or five hundred degrees. At this moment, it is not necessary to place or touch the graphite electrode at will. This is all very risky. Uhp graphite electrode factory takes you to understand 11 applications of graphite electrode:

1. The graphite electrode is stored in a naturally ventilated and dry natural environment to prevent the application of moisture return hazards;

2. Handle the graphite electrode with care when transporting Chinese medicinal materials, do not drop and shake, and do not turn over to prevent damage to the protective layer of the graphite electrode;

3. Before application, the graphite electrode should be awakened and roasted. The roasting temperature is slowly raised from low to high, and the graphite electrode should be rolled continuously to make it evenly balanced when exposed to heat, to remove the moisture from the body of the graphite electrode, and the heating temperature gradually rises. Above 500℃;

4. The dry heating furnace should be equipped with graphite electrode supporting facilities, the left, right and peripheral gaps should meet the regulations, and the furnace cover can not be pressed on the pot;

5. To prevent the flame from directly spraying the graphite electrode body during application, it should be sprayed to the graphite electrode base;

6. Gradually add the material when feeding. The side material and the seasoning do not need to be packed too much or too tight to prevent the graphite electrode from swelling and cracking;

7. Install and publish the commonly used graphite electrode to match the appearance of the graphite electrode to prevent damage to the graphite electrode;

8. Continuous application of graphite electrode, so that it can give full play to its high performance;

9. Pay attention to the amount of additives during the whole smelting process. Excessive application will reduce the service life of graphite electrode;

10. The graphite electrode should be used to rotate the graphite electrode regularly to make it symmetrical when heated, increasing the application;

11. Tap gently when eliminating molten slag and coke on the inner and outer walls of the graphite electrode to prevent damage to the graphite electrode.

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