uhp graphite electrode for eaf

Pubdate: 08-27 2021

The main application of graphite plate in industrial production and metallurgical industry

uhp graphite electrode for eaf

The main use of uhp graphite electrode for eaf in industrial production and metallurgical industry; Graphite board will no longer be easy to understand before everyone-only for electrical level. Nowadays, many graphite boards are used in the semiconductor material industry, but in solar energy It is also very common in industries such as solar panels, sensor level, nanotechnology electronics, electronic components, polymer materials, and sending raw materials.

Graphite board is widely used in industrial production. It is used to make high-temperature clamp pots in smelters, lubricating fluids for mechanical engineering, electrical grades and pencil leads; it is generally used for advanced refractory insulation materials and architectural coatings in the metallurgical industry. The national defense industry produces pyrotechnic material stabilizers, light industry pencil leads, motor carbon brushes produced in electrical equipment industry, electrical grades produced in rechargeable battery industry, and metal catalysts produced in organic fertilizer industry.

After production and processing, fish scale graphite can also produce high-tech products such as graphite emulsion, graphite rubber seals and polymer materials, graphite products, graphite anti-friction additives, and become the key raw material for mining enterprises in each industry sector. Disclaimer: The text and pictures are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact the webmaster to delete!

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