Understand the advantages of carburizing agent

Pubdate: 08-30 2022

Because of its high carbon and low sulfur, the carburizing agent can be fully absorbed without slag inversion, reducing the cost of spheroidization and slag removal, shortening the melting cycle, and saving energy consumption. It not only meets your requirements for carbon content, but also effectively controls the amount of sulfur element, so that most of the microscopic forms of carbon element in the casting appear as A-type graphite, obtaining fine and uniform graphite, promoting the spheroidization process and effectively improving the production of iron graphite system.

So many advantages of using carburizing agent make more and more manufacturers buy it. When the carbon content is insufficient to adjust the carbon content, the slag in the furnace is cleaned first, and then the carburizing agent is added. The carbon is dissolved and absorbed by heating the molten iron, electromagnetic stirring or manual stirring, and the recovery rate can be about 90%. If the low-temperature carburizing process is adopted, that is, only a part of the furnace charge is melted, and the molten iron temperature is low, all the carburizing agents are added to the molten iron at one time, At the same time, it is pressed into the molten iron with solid furnace charge so as not to expose the surface of the molten iron. This method can increase the carbon content of molten iron by more than 1.0%.

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